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To provide families and offices the revolutionary mobile espresso bar and training, an ideal alternative to that of the coffeehouse chains.

Vince’s Coffee Homes (VCH) is dedicated to taking everyone’s coffee fix to the next level.  We build fridge sized mobile coffee carts which offer the ability to make quality coffee beverages 24/7.  It is a powerful invention that can turn any place into an instant mini coffeehouse. Where there is Vince’s Coffee Homes, that is where imaginations, freedoms and lifetime joy become reality. Occasions such as a party at home and the office, anniversary celebrations, holiday gatherings, kids graduation parties, campaign meetings and bible studies can be complemented with the perfect cup of coffee. We want to add great value to you and help bring you a lifetime of joy!

We envision to adding Vince’s Coffeehouse to homes and offices around the world.  We strive to offer everyone a once in a lifetime experience in operating a real coffee shop like at home and enjoy the benefits of so much such as: being free from waiting in long lines at the coffeehouse chains. No more getting cups of unsatisfying beverages and the occasional unfriendly service. No more having to pay increased pricing on coffee year after year for your daily routine.  All the joy of convenience and family fun and much more.  Vince’s Coffee Homes make coffee great and affordable again for everyone.

We are determined to add value and support for our customers and members and this commitment is the main cause for our continuous growth and success. We provide award winning training, supplies and support services and we strive to keep our customers satisfied the best we can. We treat our customers like a family.

How We Started
On one Christmas weekend in 2000, I walked by a Nordstrom Espresso Bar at the mall. For the first time, I watched baristas having joyful conversations and making coffee beverages for shoppers. It was such a fascinating scene that I loved and I immediately asked for a job application. I was given an interview and hired a couple weeks after. At the time, I was an accounting manager with an import company and decided to quit that career to pursue my new dream of being a barista (which many thought was a silly decision).

After eight months of hard work with integrity, passion, and curiousity, I was named “All Star of the Month” which was the highest recognition our company bestowed upon anyone who went above and beyond for customers. Then in 2006, with enthusiasm and a love of coffee, I decided to live my dream of owning and operating my own coffeehouse.

Vince’s Coffee was named after our first child Vincent.  After more then thirteen years in business and have served millions cups of beverage, we have discovered a better way to serve our beloved customers and coffee enthusiasts.  In 2020, we founded Vince’s Coffee Homes LLC.  We are in the business of designing, building, and delivering quality fridge sized mobile espresso bar and training for our customers such as families and offices. After deliveries, we provide a complete package of training, support, and supplies to ensure our customers a hassle-free and  the best experience with their private espresso bar.  Our vision to take everyone’s coffee fix to the next level with abundant savings, convenience, and joy for decades. Our revolutionary mobile espresso bar sets everyone free from the typical hassles of waiting in long lines, paying for expensive coffee beverages and getting occasionally unfriendly customer service from coffee house chains.

We focus our service on innovation, building and delivering quality espresso bar experiences to meet our customers’ needs.  After delivery, we provide a complete simple training package for running the espresso bar. We provide consulting services on how to run a successful private coffeehouse at home and the office.  We will share with our customers two decades of knowledge, experience, and network of support and suppliers. We also provide professional barista training for beginners in sessions of  90 minutes, 3 hours or 16 hours for individuals who have the passion and love of coffee, and for those who need the skills to pursue a career and further business opportunities.  Our main goal is to ensure everyone a very pleasant and unforgettable experience with Vince’s Coffee Homes.  A lifetime joy you don’t want to miss.

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